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For Rheumatoid arthritis patients, how to exercise?

For Rheumatoid arthritis patients, insisting exercise in a right and appropriate way is very important for them. Finding a good training method for RA patients does have a lot of benefits for them to recover. Our specialist would introduce a simple and practical method to exercise at home. Every day for two times, morning and evening. Every time for 5-10 rounds depending on individual.

1 , The head up and down movement


2 , Head bent to the side , ear to shoulder


3 , Slowly turn to the left and turn to the right


Shoulder :     
1. Shake hands to the head , elbows pull back stretch


2 , Raised hands , doing sports circling in front of the shoulder joint


3 , Raised his hand , doing sports circling behind the shoulder .


1, Hand- held grip on the side door , body turned to the opposite side, after maintaining 30 seconds down, then bend your elbows straight.


Wrist up and down activity .


1 , followed by the thumb and the other four fingers are in turn touch

2 , Finger flexion and extension , straight, open and close


Hip joint: 
 Body bent forward , hands gripping neighborhood fixture , stay a while , slowly straighten the body


Knee : 
1 , The body forward flexion , hands gripping the leg or near the fixture , stay a while , slowly straighten the body


2 , Hand chairs standing, one hand holding the ankle , and as the pressure to the hips.


Ankle joint: 
After facing the wall, standing one foot before foot , the rear foot to the knee straight, and closely aligns the ground under the heel pressure , lumbar spine straight forward.


Toe joints :
1 , Toe flexion , straight, feet close together and toes apart.


2 , With a toe grab a towel , foot muscle strength training .