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Naturopathy to treat RA and AS

For certain persistent and chronic diseases, modern medicine has not yet found effective treatments. Presently, many patients turn to naturopathy for help. It is undeniable that naturopathy has its boundedness and a certain randomness and does not offer perfect and systematic criteria in terms of the rehabilitation effect. However, its outstanding effect always motivates desperate patients to seek it, although it is not equally effective for every patient.

For practitioners in naturopathy, addressing the randomness, boundedness, and uncontrollability of the practice and achieving improvements are challenging. Furthermore, developing criteria for recovery, guaranteeing its irreplaceable effect, and establishing standardization, systematization, scientific rigor, and reliability are difficult.

However, these concerns have been overwhelmingly solved by Mr. Hu Zemin. “Hu’s TCM Nutrition Immune Therapy”, originally created by Mr. Hu, applying the wisdom of Chinese medicine, has immensely beneficial effects for the recovery of RA and AS.

“Hu’s TCM Nutrition Immune Therapy” is abbreviated “Hu’s Therapy”. Developed by Mr. Hu Zemin, it is a kind of green therapy for treating RA and AS by taking advantage of pure and natural Chinese herbal medicines. The therapy supplements nutrition, regulates immunologic functions, diminishes inflammation, relieves pain, and repairs damaged joints for RA and AS patients, thereby leading to recovery. Through the worldwide promotion of this therapy for over 10 years, over 200,000 RA and AS patients have regained their health. This therapy has achieved complete standardization. As long as patients behave according to the standardized procedures, they can achieve outstanding results and both live and work normally with no pains, no swells, and no medicines.

The creator of “Hu’s Therapy” is Mr. Hu Zemin, who was born in Hunan Province of China. He used to be a rural teacher. Twenty years ago, he started to feel pain in his joints. After examination, he was diagnosed with RA. Then he sought treatment everywhere but failed and became paralyzed for 4 years. Subsequently, he researched RA and discovered that women who were pregnant exhibited improved conditions during the beginning of their pregnancy and until giving birth. Some pregnant women were even cured. Their conditions would revert to the previous state or get worse 2 months after giving birth. In addition, Hu Zemin discovered that supplementing nutrition with TCM and imitating the state of pregnancy relieves the disease and all the indicators are normal, like before(Women of childbearing age exhibit amenorrhea as if they were pregnant. Their menstruation becomes normal after they are cured.). Symptoms of RA and AS disappear. If patients continue to take TCM for 1 or 2 additional months months to regulate the immunologic function after being cured, their symptoms disappear and a relapse is unlikely.

Hu Zemin, like the Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou, created “Hu’s Therapy”, a unique recipe using Chinese herbal medicine, by adopting the essence of 5000 years of TCM culture, learning from TCM masters, making continuous improvement, and experimenting on himself. Patients adopting this therapy become strong, and their quality of life substantially improves. In turn, the improved quality of life balances the immunologic functions. In this manner, the disease is cured and patients become more confident. In addition, the “pregnant woman therapy” solves the problem of having to rely on hormonal and Western medicines by gradually reducing the use of these medicines. “Hu’s Therapy” is an effective and natural therapy with few side effects.