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Mr. Huzemin, world famous rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis expert. 

From RA patient to RA and AS expert

 In China, Mr. Huzemin is a legend in treating rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis by using natural treatment.

Born in Hunan province, Central China, Mr. Huzemin was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 20 years ago. He had severe pain in the joints of every limb. He went to hospitals everywhere, large and small, and tried various treatments, including Western medicine, hormone, biologics, even some toxic plants. However, none of the treatments had obvious effects. Eventually, he could not do anything, became unable to work, and was paralyzed in bed for more than 4 years. Still, he did not want to give up. He began to study natural treatments of RA and AS using pure Chinese herbs. He investigated numerous Chinese medical classics as well as many case studies and visited practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine nationwide with the help of his wife. After continuous research, he finally created “Hu’s TCM Nutrition Immune Therapy”. This therapy not only cured himself but has also aided over 200,000 RA and AS patients in regaining their health. Over 95% of them were able to work normally after completing the therapy.

Mr. Hu has established more than 11 special RA and AS hospitals and clinics worldwide, and he has become a renowned RA and AS expert.

Suffering from severe RA; paralyzed in bed

The year 1994 was a terrible time for Mr. Huzemin, a young teacher in China. Previously, he had been healthy and outgoing. He worked hard and wanted to be the best teacher in his school. He was a good father and a good husband and took loving care of his wife, son, and students.

However, he was unexpectedly befallen by something terrible. In that year, he began to feel pain in the joints of every limb. At first, he did not take it seriously, but 6 months later, the pain became unbearable, and he went to the hospital. The result of the examination was a shock for him: he had rheumatoid arthritis.

From then on, Mr. Hu’s life changed substantially. He was unable to continue his work. However, he sought treatment together with his wife. He went to hospitals, large and small, and tried various treatments, including TCM, fire therapy, wax therapy, Western medicine, as well as acupuncture and moxibustion. However, none of the treatments had any obvious positive effects on him. He tried everything, regardless of how dangerous it seemed. One time, he took fresh nux vomica (a toxic plant) to treat RA and almost died of chemical poisoning. Despite the fact that some treatments were dangerous, Mr. Hu still wanted to try them.

Unfortunately, despite all the attempts at treatment, his physical condition continued to get worse. His RA symptoms were not under control, and his body exhibited the severe side effects of the treatment. Eventually, he was unable to walk and became paralyzed. He was bound to the bed for more than 4 years.

Unable to work; severe financial problems

His search for treatment resulted in substantial financial problems. His savings were almost depleted. He had sold most of his valuable assets

and ran out of possibilities for borrowing money. His family was in poverty and burdened with debt. Having been the breadwinner in his family, he was now paralyzed in bed, and his family’s condition continued to deteriorate. 

His wife really loved him. She not only had to take care of her disabled husband but also had to earn money to support whole family. Because of her burdens, her hair quickly became white when she was still young. Looking at his wife who always accompanied him and was so tired, Mr. Hu was moved and ashamed. He hated himself; he hated being paralyzed in bed and doing nothing. He was unable to work, and he deeply hated this terrible disease. In addition, he was extremely pessimistic. However, because of the meticulous care and comfort from his wife and other family members, he gradually calmed down and began to think about his future.

Self-study natural treatment; miraculously recovered

According to a Chinese saying, “a prolonged illness makes the patient a doctor”. When Mr. Hu’s spirits brightened up, he started to self-study Chinese medicine and natural treatments. He firmly believed that no incurable disease existed on earth. There had be a treatment that had not yet been discovered in the extensive history of Chinese medicine.

After having studied for a period of time and understanding the fundamentals of Chinese medicine, he began to compose Chinese medicine combined with traditional Chinese prescriptions and test the efficacy on himself. However, the results were not satisfying. Because he had taken many hormones and various medicines, his body was damaged by the severe adverse effects. He exhibited bodily puffiness, elevated hypertension and a weakened immune system.

Despite setbacks, he never thought of giving up. Likewise, God never gives up on those who struggle for their dreams.

Mr. Hu investigated many Chinese medical classics as well as numerous case studies and, with the help of his wife, visited practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine nationwide. Because of his diligence, his medical knowledge improved substantially. Conducting the experiments on himself, he constantly adjusted the formula and dosage of the prescriptions. He tried each recipe for 7 days and recorded the effects for each herb and dosage as well as the effects on his body. After over 4 years of study, research, and continuous experimentation, he finally succeeded! A new therapy for treating RA emerged.

After the creation of the formula, Mr. Huzemin discovered that while this formula exhibited favorable effects, the side effects were still severe. Through adjusting the dosage of the used herbs many times, he sought to improve the effects and reduce the side effects. After administering this newly developed and improved natural treatment for 6 months, he miraculously recovered.

Hu Zemin called this therapy “Hu’s TCM Nutrition Immune Therapy”. It is a kind of green health care therapy that involves the use of pure natural Chinese herbs, without any chemicals or hormones. It provides nutrition to balance the immune system of RA and AS patients and controls the deterioration of these diseases. The therapy facilitates the tonifying of the liver and kidney, soothing of the nerves, and adjustment of internal secretion. At the same time, it eliminates inflammation of swollen joints, helps to alleviate pain, and repairs damaged joints. In addition, it prevents the recurrence of RA and AS and restores the health of patients.

Bringing benefits to more people with RA and AS

Because of his own experience, Mr. Huzemin understood the damage and pain that RA and AS patients experience, especially in underdeveloped areas in China. He aspired to relieve their pain. Therefore, in 2004, he opened and began operating a small specialized RA clinic. Because of the remarkable effects of “Hu’s Therapy”, increasing numbers of people with RA and AS came to the clinic for treatment, and it grew rapidly. The clinic has developed into a big specialized hospital chain with 11 branches in China. Over the past 14 years, more than 200,000 patients with RA and AS restored their health in these hospitals.

In the initial phase of establishing the hospitals, Mr. Huzemin determined that standardizing the natural treatment was crucial. After many case studies and analyses, he discovered that individual differences had almost no effect on the treatment. Subsequently, with careful refinement and adjustment of the therapy, he succeeded in standardizing the treatment, making it safer, more reliable, and more effective for most  RA and AS patients. The therapy has been praised highly by RA and AS patients worldwide because of its effectiveness and the fact that it is green and plant-based with few if any toxic side effects. 

The move to America; developing a new market

After solving the problem of standardization of this natural treatment for RA and AS, Mr. Huzemin began to focus on the overseas market.

In October 2014, he traveled to America with his wife. In San Francisco Mr. Hu met a person with RA by chance and talked with her. He discovered that no effective method for treating RA and AS exist in America. The prevailing treatment methods involve chemical medicines, hormones, and biologics, which exhibit severe toxic side effects and entail strong dependency. Learning about the painful experience of this lady with RA reminded Mr. Hu of his own terrible experience when he suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis. He wanted to help the people in the US with RA and AS. Later, he went to Los Angeles. The mild and pleasant weather there made him deeply love this beautiful city. Finally, he returned to China, where he engaged in detailed research regarding the situation of rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis in America. He discovered that worldwide many people suffer from RA or AS. All of them experience severe pain, are desperate, and lack effective and remedies with few side effects. From then on, he had a new goal for his future. He wanted to bring his “TCM nutrition immune therapy” to America and to the whole world and help people affected by RA or AS in restoring their health and happiness.

In September 2015, he came to the US again. This time, he did not come for travel but for his dream, his new career. He opened Zemin RA LLC in Pomona, California.

Within just 3 months, an American RA patient, Mr. Smith, had recovered, marking the first case in the US. Subsequently, many more patients’ treatment results turned out to be positive. All these cases gave his TCM natural treatment a favorable reputation with regards to treating RA and AS.