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Testimonial by Erica*
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Erica Cline 

Himy name is Erica. I am 28 years ago. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis in March 2016 this year. I heard about Mr.Hu through my boy friends Mom who found on the internet.

We are looking for natural alternative to deal with Rheumatoid arthritis. because I do not want to take the medications. So when I came here, he actually told me I could not take the tea,because I was anemia and had other deficiency. so he wanna me to fix my anemia and come back. So I work on that for about five months, got my blood work back, everything in normal range and I start the tea. At the time, I start the tea, my right thumb had been hurt a lot and had a lot of pain .it is really stiff. and after about a week taking the tea, the pain completely went away. it is been now, almost two month on the tea, I do have deduction on stiffness and pain. But I do have some swelling that needs to go down on two my fingers here.

So I am hoping by the end of six months treatment, my swelling will go down and all my symptom will completely gone.  I am really thankful that I found this tea, because  I am able to still do my school work, and I feel a lot of more energy. Over all, feel better

This is my hand. As you can see, my right hand has inflammation on that knuckles. That has been swelling since Nov last year. 

I didn’t know what it is until I diagnosed in March this year. Since drink the tea, it has helped with a lot of the stiffness and pain. 

And I am able to move them more. It just the swelling that needs to go down. 

So I am hoping after the six months of drinking the tea, that as well as my pain and stiffness and swelling will go down.

Erica Cline. 28 Years old . Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in March 2016

She started taking "Hu's therapy" in August 2016.

Only 2 Month, She feel her pain and stiffness on finger already go down a lot.

Right now she already finish the six month treatment and stop taking the tea.The actual number for rheumatoid arthritis already went back to normal

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